Maui Part 2

We returned to Maui to spend some time with friends who were visiting at the same time. We also spent a day there before our direct flight back to Orlando, but all we did was get Marukame noodles and shop one last time. Our first time to Maui, we were getting everywhere on foot and public transportation. However, this time our friends had a car, so we covered some more ground and got to do some fun day trips.


We drove out to Haleakala to see sunset. This is a very popular thing to do for both sunrise and sunset. For sunrise, you have to get a reserved time and we were unable to secure one. So, we went for sunset which doesn’t require anything special. The drive is not difficult but it is rough if you easily get carsick. The temperature also drastically changes. It was so cold that we were shivering. Definitely bring many layers and possibly a warm drink if you want to fully enjoy it. It was beautiful with all of the clouds rolling through. There are many stopping points, just depends how far up the mountain you want to go, because at the end you have to just turn around and drive all of that back down to your starting point. We didn’t go all the way to the top because we were running a little late and didn’t want to risk missing the sunset. We also were not feeling the extra time of car sickness. It gets pitch black, so driving back down was a little more anxiety inducing but we were just fine.

Road to Hana

The Road is Hana is famous, for good reason. There are many stops that you can pick and choose from


Hookepa Lookout/Beach

Street Art

Island Tour


Multi-City Stay and the bus

Napali Coast


Our experience on Molokai was not positive and we would not recommend for others to visit unless you have a reliable rental car and are looking for isolation. The island overall is very sleepy and not many people live there. The people who do live on island are almost all born and raised there.

Hotel Molokai

For our time in Moloakai, we stayed in an AirBnB located at Hotel Molokai. This saved us a little bit of money. However, the hotel was severely lacking in amenities and services that were listed on the website. We did enjoy the pool. However, the views from the hotel were of murky dirty water because of the side of the island it is located on. It was a 2 mile walk into town and we did that walk many times because there was almost a complete unavailability of transportation. We were able to catch a community bus once. However, other times, they just drove right past us. Taxis could take up to multiple hours to become available. There were no rental cars OR rental bikes. We planned to rent bikes for our stay but were unable to do so because the only bike rental place on the island was closed for a month. We felt trapped and did not even get to see any of the pretty parts of the island.

Molokai Hot Bread

This is the talked about thing to do on Molokai. We took an extremely over-priced taxi just to go get this bread. It is made at night in the back of a shop through an alley. We had seen vlogs and write ups on this place so we thought it had to be worth it. It is basically a huge loaf of bread cut in half and slathered with a flavor. We chose cinnamon and butter as recommended by someone at our hotel. It was very confusing to order and definitely over-priced but we figured that we already paid a taxi to get there and it should be the highlight of Molokai. We were so wrong. It was dry and strange. We didn’t even eat half of it. Plenty of people love it, so you may want to try it if you visit, but we were not fans.

Basketball and Local Insight

Along one of our many long walks, we came across some high schoolers playing basketball. Brandon decided to stop over and play a few games with them. They talked all about the island and the old way and new way. It brought a lot more understanding to why we were unable to secure a rental. Basically, there is a lot of negativity towards outsiders on the island. Many people do not want tourism of any kind and do not care for main-landers, which is why we were treated poorly. The newer generations seem to be trying to change that, hopefully that comes to fruition.


We had a super sweet lady offer to take us to the airport when she saw us waiting at a bus stop. We were getting anxious that the bus would not pick us up and there wasn’t a taxi available. We had no idea what we were going to do. She just so happened to stop by and ask what we were doing and we explained. She wasn’t born on the island and entered as an outsider but she had been on island for quite a while. She was so kind and when we told her about the transportation issues and how we barely saw anything, she asked if we had enough time for a stop. She took us to the lookout point for Kalaupapa Peninsula, the community that was established to assist leprosy (Hansen’s disease) patients. The story is very sad and interesting. We learned all about the history. The lookout is gorgeous and with the higher altitude, it was so fresh and breezy. That’s definitely a place to check out if visiting.

Small Flights and Views

The best part of Molokai was flying there and back. We flew with Mokulele Airlines on tiny planes. There was only seating for up to 8 people including the pilots. The views from the plane were breathtaking. We felt like we were on a scenic tour. We were flying low and able to see so much. We definitely recommend flying with Mokulele for the beautiful experience between the Hawaiian islands.

The Past 6 Months

Where have I been the past six months? Plenty of change has occurred and now I have come to a place where I can share about all of this because the busy has been calmed down a bit.

My husband started working towards his business degree in August, so we have had a bit less travel/fun time and a bit more homework nights. In December, I made a career move and I have been in love with it ever since. That takes up most of my time, whether I am actually at work or just learning more. I started school again, just taking two classes from May-June so that has kept me busy. I absolutely love learning. I find it so engaging and it gives me a new perspective.

We were able to get away in December and visited my sister and brother-in-law in Austin, TX. We had such a good time and can’t wait to see them again. It was just nice to have a relaxing vacation away with no work and just good family time. We had some delicious food and were able to see some cool Christmas light, visit the river walk in San Antonio, play some football and just hang out. We also had our family visit us during the holidays and we went to the Very Mickey Christmas Party with them and had a blast. It was really nice to spend time with them again.

We had one out of country vacation planned, Costa Rica in March. We went during spring break. It was very pretty there. The most amazing experience was zip-lining through the forest. It was cloudy and there were rivers and just immense forests. If you ever get the chance to do a superman zip-line, DO IT!

Through all of this, our nonprofit has continued to grow. We participated in an event for Celebrate Birth and had kiddos planting seeds to take home. We also had our first event of our own and invited the community to plant with us and learn about gardening. We have just changed the beds over to flower beds and some summer veggies. Growing in Florida during the summer is hard work! We have been able to tell more people about our mission and have gained some community support which has been the most important to us. We really want people to know we are here to work with them and encourage healthy lifestyles. It has been wonderful working with Concord Coffee and Cob & Ben in the Dixieland area and we are just looking forward to all that God has for us to do!

We had a wonderful couple move in with us for the summer. They will be moving to LA in the fall and we will cry until they return… just kidding. But, we will miss them. They are great people and we love hanging out with them.

Lastly, we have continued putting our health first. We go running, play sports, ride bikes, and use our home gym equipment. We have done meal prep and focus on eating clean. We love sharing about this with other people and helping in whatever way we are able.

I am looking forward to a summer full of gardening, exercising, being with my community, friends, family, and learning. What are your summer plans?

Races of 2016

Another year of running races has come to an end.

The races of the year included three 5Ks, two 10Ks, and 2 Half Marathons.

The year started with Best Damn Race – Safety Harbor in February.


Then there was the Promise Run 10K  in Lakeland FL in February.


Next was another 10k, the USA Beach Running Championships in Cocoa Beach, FL in May.


I continued with the Summer Sunrise Watermelon 5k Series in Lakeland which runs from June-August.

Then the final race of the year, the Fort Myers Half Marathon in November.


Highlights of the Year

I ran two personal records for my 5K races. I ran in new places, including the mountains of Arizona, the beach on the east coast of Florida, new parts of town, and beautiful parks in the state. My dog was often my training buddy, as usual, but we ventured more confidently this year. I added in strength training and felt a huge difference. My breathing has improved immensely since last year. My body is stronger and I have greater endurance. I am thankful for continued improvement.

My Support

My husband is my greatest champion. He supports me in everything I do and encourages me along the way, including these races. He ran the two half marathons with me and always has me cross the finish line before him. When he wasn’t running with me, he helped me train and cheered me on. I am incredibly grateful for such a wonderful partner in life.

Plans for Next Year

I am playing with ideas for next year of how to continue with athletic events. Two things are for sure, I plan to do the Promise Run in March and Watermelon Series in the summer again because they are both important races to me that support my local community. I am thinking about training for a triathlon in the spring and completing one of the National Park Half Marathons in the fall of next year. Exciting things to come. Improved health is always exciting, no matter what the circumstances. I have found that having things to look forward to is an effective way for me to stay motivated and active. Find something you enjoy that improves your health and go for it!

ONE3: Urban Gardens Fall 2016

The gardens for our first season for public sale have been planted. We are profoundly grateful for supportive friends and generous donors who have made this a reality. There are a couple special shout outs that need recognition.

Thank you to…

Our incredible Corporate Sponsor, Celebrate Birth! The support of the Morrow family has been undying and we are so grateful.
The Fee family for donating and delivering soil for our beds.
BS Ranch & Farm for donating a truckload of compost to top off our garden beds.
Urban Roots for providing the beautiful organic plants.
Craig, Brian, and Matt for helping with moving soil and getting the beds prepped.

What is growing?

We have planted some wonderful vegetables and herbs to get us through late fall and winter. Three types of lettuce, swiss chard, kale, squash, golden sun ray tomatoes, bush beefsteak tomatoes, cherokee tomatoes, chadwick cherry tomatoes, roma tomatoes, sweet chili peppers, bell peppers, mint, oregano, cilantro, parsley, chives, basil. Soon we will also add strawberries. Full beds and soon to be full bellies.

What is this all for anyway?

All produce purchases will go towards funding our future programs for youth and families. We invite the youth of our community to gain knowledge and experience that leads to prosperous lives. Family members are encouraged to participate alongside their children to grow together in leading healthy lifestyles: physically, emotionally, and spiritually. To learn more about our organization, visit