We returned to Maui to spend some time with friends who were visiting at the same time. We also spent a day there before our direct flight back to Orlando, but all we did was get Marukame noodles and shop one last time. Our first time to Maui, we were getting everywhere on foot and public transportation. However, this time our friends had a car, so we covered some more ground and got to do some fun day trips.


We drove out to Haleakala to see sunset. This is a very popular thing to do for both sunrise and sunset. For sunrise, you have to get a reserved time and we were unable to secure one. So, we went for sunset which doesn’t require anything special. The drive is not difficult but it is rough if you easily get carsick. The temperature also drastically changes. It was so cold that we were shivering. Definitely bring many layers and possibly a warm drink if you want to fully enjoy it. It was beautiful with all of the clouds rolling through. There are many stopping points, just depends how far up the mountain you want to go, because at the end you have to just turn around and drive all of that back down to your starting point. We didn’t go all the way to the top because we were running a little late and didn’t want to risk missing the sunset. We also were not feeling the extra time of car sickness. It gets pitch black, so driving back down was a little more anxiety inducing but we were just fine.

Road to Hana

The Road is Hana is famous, for good reason. There are many stops that you can pick and choose from


Hookepa Lookout/Beach

Street Art

Island Tour


Multi-City Stay and the bus

Napali Coast