These are the places we checked out on our visit to CDMX.

Palacio de Bellas Artes

This was posted everywhere. While the palace is interesting, we did not go inside. It’s worth visiting for the outside view. It is pretty beautiful in person. If possible, check it out at different times of day. The lighting really changes the look and mood of the area.

We enjoyed walking through Alameda Park to people watch.

However, the Zocalo was underwhelming. We thought it’d be busier and have more vendors but it was pretty empty. There was a little concert one day which was cute with some couples dancing.

Monument of the Revolution

We did not go inside for the museum but that is definitely an option. We just loved walking around this area. There are some great food options nearby. There are usually lots of people around the monument. There are lights at night which make it look really neat. It’s a great place.

El Moro Churreria

This is the town favorite for good reason. There are multiple locations and you can order to go or take a seat. It was delicious! Just go and try it for yourself.

El Barrio Chino

This is a great little stop near the Zocalo and Alameda Park. There are some vendors with snacks like fried ramen, steamed buns, and boba drinks. The area is super cute for some photos also.

Frida Kahlo Museum

This was definitely worth visiting. It was a bit smaller than expected but had so many cool things to see. There were beautiful paintings and artifacts throughout the home and the outside had more to offer as well. It is worth checking out whether or not you are familiar with the artist.

Coyoacan Market

We found all of the markets anywhere nearby to be much more expensive than other places we visited in Mexico. This was surprising to us, so just a heads up. The market was neat though and it was cool to walk around town a bit. It is Frida’s hometown after all.

Chapultepec Castle

This castle was extremely interesting. It is located in a super cool park and has a beautiful view. There is a lot of interesting things to see inside and we enjoyed our time.

National Museum of Anthropology

This museum is AMAZING and should be a #1 stop. There are SO many interesting things to do. Artifacts from so many different cultures. It is so cool!


Teotihuacan ruins were interesting but not what we hoped for. On our visit, we still were unable to climb the pyramids which was a disappointment. Because of this, it really didn’t take much time to see the whole place. It is cool to see, but if you are wanting to see some amazing ruins, we recommend Uxmal in the Yucatan Peninsula.