La Ciudad de Mexico (CDMX)

What to see: 

CDMX is the capital city which is located in central Mexico. It is a popular tourist destination due to the major airport and famous street food. The city unfortunately suffers from pollution due to it’s location. The city is relatively safe but it is rather large, so it is best to do some research before visiting. The city is very close to the Tenochtitlan ruins and there are many museums. You can also visit Frida Kahlo’s hometown, including her own home which is now a museum. Chapultapec Park is an amazing greenspace with ponds for small boat rentals, beautiful trails, museums, a zoo, and lots of vendors.

What to do:

The city has many things to offer. There is plenty of shopping ranging from local markets to the luxury stores of Polanco. The historic center of town includes the main Zocalo where many people gather. Barrio Chino is a small area near the historic center which has some tasty Chinese food and fun shops. There are museums everywhere for many different interests. Covid-19 does not seem to be affecting any major tourist attractions besides not being able to climb the ruins. Check out our map for locations under Maps and Routes.

Who to bring:

This city is mostly known for the street food and many museums. It isn’t known for nightlife or romance. Based on our experience, we think it’s best for foodies or museum-lovers. 

How to get around:

Based on our research, we found that Uber is the most trusted and affordable way to get around. Just be careful with making sure cell reception is strong if you plan to rely on Uber. Prices were about $3-15 USD. Public transportation can be slow and crowded, but is also an affordable option. Walking is an option but only if you stay in a location that is close to everything you want to see. We did a fair amount of walking, many miles somedays. It is totally up to comfort and preference.  

What we did: 

We spent most of our time visiting markets, eating food, and simply exploring on foot. We made sure to visit a museum and the Tenochtitlan Ruins. We enjoyed our Airbnb which had amenities and was located within walking distance to some great spots. Our highlights were the Frida Kahlo Museum, Museo de Antropologia, and eating street food.