About the City: 

Boston is such a great city. It is somewhere that we will return again once the world is opened back up and we can visit some places we missed. The food was amazing, The people were kind. The views were beautiful. Public transportation is so simple and there is so much to see. From cultural neighborhoods to loads of history, Boston has it all. There are museums and monuments for those interested in history and art. There is a huge variety of restaurants for all types of foodies. There are beautiful parks and green spaces to enjoy. The Boston Harbor is great for boating and leads right out to the ocean. There are also different shopping options from indie markets to malls. 

Who to bring:

This city has a little bit of everything. Since it is so easy to get around, we think it can pretty much be enjoyed by all ages. There are cute options for a short couple’s getaway. There is nightlife and great restaurants for a trip with friends. There are many family friendly spots which make it a good family vacation as well. So many options!

How to get around:

The subway is definitely the best mode of transportation. We only used the subway and walked to get around during our week there. An unlimited week pass is about $20. If you’re driving into town, traffic didn’t seem too bad but we heard that parking is difficult to find. 

Our Highlights:

We had a great time exploring Chinatown and the North End (Little Italy). There are delicious restaurants, bakeries, and fun shops in both areas. The North End is great for a date night! We really enjoyed walking around the great parks and gardens throughout the city. We also loved checking out Fenway, even though it was closed for any tours during our visit. Check out our map to see where we went and also what we missed because of the pandemic.