Since we are now both teachers, we were able to take a two week long road trip this summer. We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to travel and spend time together exploring. We just returned home and will be sharing all about our trip, along with some planning advice and recommendations. The map below is the route we took. We did not spend a great amount of time in any one particular city. This trip allowed us to create some great memories and gave us a great idea of cities we would like to visit again as well as the type of trips to take. It is difficult to know what type of trip may be best for certain destinations ahead of time, so this trip gave us a glimpse of which cities may be best suited for an Airbnb stay, a downtown hotel, a road trip, a girls trip, a trip with friends, or another type of vacation. It also showed us the best transportation options for many cities. This is all helpful for future trips and even more importantly, it’s helpful for your planning! You will see a breakdown of how we spent our time in each city and city maps will be posted as well. Thanks for following!