What to see: 

Montreal is a beautiful city in French-speaking Quebec, Canada. We did not do enough research and had no idea French was the main language in the area. If we had known, we would have learned a few phrases. We definitely recommend doing so as it will make your time much easier and more enjoyable. The city is busy and there is plenty to see.

What to do:

Definitely visit some markets. There are many beautiful markets and it’s a great way to see local culture. You may get lucky and be able to try some local produce and/or snacks as well. Go to a look out point and see the city from a different view. 

Who to bring:

We think that this city is probably best for a couple or solo traveler (savvy in French) to explore. It can feel a bit crowded and may be difficult to navigate as a larger group. 

How to get around:

We didn’t stay too long but you definitely need a car to explore here. The city is large and vast so it is difficult to navigate. When we arrived, some event was happening so many streets were closed off which made it difficult to explore, but we made the most of it. 

What we did: 

We loved the drive from Washington, DC to Montreal and highly recommend driving if possible. It was gorgeous with forest, mountains, and clean roads. The drive was a highlight from our trip. We went to a couple of markets and visited a beautiful lookout. Jean Talon Market is located in an area known as Little Italy. There were many Italian favorites available as well as fresh produce and beautiful flowers. Take a walk around the area and check out the shops within Little Italy as well. The lookout is Mount Royal Park. You can hike or drive to the top and be rewarded with views of the entire city. That is a definite can’t miss! We tried some poutine but in our opinion, you can skip that. Try out some French cuisine instead and you’ll probably be much happier.