Where have I been the past six months? Plenty of change has occurred and now I have come to a place where I can share about all of this because the busy has been calmed down a bit.

My husband started working towards his business degree in August, so we have had a bit less travel/fun time and a bit more homework nights. In December, I made a career move and I have been in love with it ever since. That takes up most of my time, whether I am actually at work or just learning more. I started school again, just taking two classes from May-June so that has kept me busy. I absolutely love learning. I find it so engaging and it gives me a new perspective.

We were able to get away in December and visited my sister and brother-in-law in Austin, TX. We had such a good time and can’t wait to see them again. It was just nice to have a relaxing vacation away with no work and just good family time. We had some delicious food and were able to see some cool Christmas light, visit the river walk in San Antonio, play some football and just hang out. We also had our family visit us during the holidays and we went to the Very Mickey Christmas Party with them and had a blast. It was really nice to spend time with them again.

We had one out of country vacation planned, Costa Rica in March. We went during spring break. It was very pretty there. The most amazing experience was zip-lining through the forest. It was cloudy and there were rivers and just immense forests. If you ever get the chance to do a superman zip-line, DO IT!

Through all of this, our nonprofit has continued to grow. We participated in an event for Celebrate Birth and had kiddos planting seeds to take home. We also had our first event of our own and invited the community to plant with us and learn about gardening. We have just changed the beds over to flower beds and some summer veggies. Growing in Florida during the summer is hard work! We have been able to tell more people about our mission and have gained some community support which has been the most important to us. We really want people to know we are here to work with them and encourage healthy lifestyles. It has been wonderful working with Concord Coffee and Cob & Ben in the Dixieland area and we are just looking forward to all that God has for us to do!

We had a wonderful couple move in with us for the summer. They will be moving to LA in the fall and we will cry until they return… just kidding. But, we will miss them. They are great people and we love hanging out with them.

Lastly, we have continued putting our health first. We go running, play sports, ride bikes, and use our home gym equipment. We have done meal prep and focus on eating clean. We love sharing about this with other people and helping in whatever way we are able.

I am looking forward to a summer full of gardening, exercising, being with my community, friends, family, and learning. What are your summer plans?