Another year of running races has come to an end.

The races of the year included three 5Ks, two 10Ks, and 2 Half Marathons.

The year started with Best Damn Race – Safety Harbor in February.


Then there was the Promise Run 10K  in Lakeland FL in February.


Next was another 10k, the USA Beach Running Championships in Cocoa Beach, FL in May.


I continued with the Summer Sunrise Watermelon 5k Series in Lakeland which runs from June-August.

Then the final race of the year, the Fort Myers Half Marathon in November.


Highlights of the Year

I ran two personal records for my 5K races. I ran in new places, including the mountains of Arizona, the beach on the east coast of Florida, new parts of town, and beautiful parks in the state. My dog was often my training buddy, as usual, but we ventured more confidently this year. I added in strength training and felt a huge difference. My breathing has improved immensely since last year. My body is stronger and I have greater endurance. I am thankful for continued improvement.

My Support

My husband is my greatest champion. He supports me in everything I do and encourages me along the way, including these races. He ran the two half marathons with me and always has me cross the finish line before him. When he wasn’t running with me, he helped me train and cheered me on. I am incredibly grateful for such a wonderful partner in life.

Plans for Next Year

I am playing with ideas for next year of how to continue with athletic events. Two things are for sure, I plan to do the Promise Run in March and Watermelon Series in the summer again because they are both important races to me that support my local community. I am thinking about training for a triathlon in the spring and completing one of the National Park Half Marathons in the fall of next year. Exciting things to come. Improved health is always exciting, no matter what the circumstances. I have found that having things to look forward to is an effective way for me to stay motivated and active. Find something you enjoy that improves your health and go for it!