I have always loved to cook. I can remember mixing cookie dough by hand with my family, stirring the pasta sauce, making traditional dishes with my mom and grandma. I may have experimented a little too much in the kitchen which resulted in some not so delicious concoctions. I have never been a clean cook, there are always messy counter tops and usually more dishes used than necessary.

I took a few culinary classes in high school which were my favorite classes. I have very wonderful memories of cooking up some delicious food with my close friend, Gloria. We took a Basics, Intermediate, Baking, and Worldwide Cuisine. We had so much fun learning new things and creating memories based around food.

Since high school, I have always wanted to go to cooking classes but never signed up and went. My sweet husband surprised me with two weeks of hands-on cooking classes with Publix Aprons Cooking School. If you are located in Florida, learn more about their classes here. I was so excited to be there and learn more to improve my cooking. The fact that I get to return next week is awesome.

We had a Chinatown theme for the class. We cooked up the following:

IMG_20160727_195312077Wonton Soup


Pork Fried Rice


Spring Rolls


Kung Pao Chicken

The chefs leading the class were Brian and Ryan. There were kind a patient even though they teased me about my love for gardening and not wasting. I enjoyed their positivity and enthusiasm for cooking. They taught me some better knife skills and gave me ideas on how to cook things better than the ways I previously knew. I am looking forward to returning for more classes in the future.