I have come to realize that I am a comfort eater. Food is great for nourishment, enjoying at celebrations, sharing moments with friends, learning something new, the list goes on. Food is something that is associated with so many emotions and life events for many people.

I fully enjoy sweets and after a bad day I think about how much I would enjoy a brownie with ice cream, a cinnamon bagel for breakfast, a thick ice cream shake, or fresh baked cookies, just to feel better.

The truth is, the food does NOT make me feel any better. It may taste nice for a few fleeting moments, but afterwards I often feel bogged down, guilty, like I lost self-control, regretful, or just not any better.

 I do not support negative thought or self judgement. I do however support caring for oneself in the most positive and uplifting way. This is why I have taken a look back at my list of stress relievers and have been implementing those in my life instead of reaching for food. Lately I have been enjoying the beach with friends and family. 


  • Listen to Music
  • Drink Tea or Milk with Honey
  • Take a Shower or Bath
  • Call a Friend
  • Go on a Walk or Run
  • Go Out with a Friend
  • Read a Blog, Book, or Magazine
  • Get Out Into Nature

Remember to check in yourself emotionally and physically and never feel guilty for doing what is best for you. Take care of your heart and body and flourish in life.