I love to run. Sometimes I love it less, like when it is 90º and 100% humidity. It is energizing and freeing and makes me feel incredibly strong. Being outdoors brings me so much joy! My husband and I will be running our second half marathon this November so we need to be training. My favorite training programs are a Couch to Half Marathon 14 Week Training program which can be found here and a 20 Week Couch to Half Marathon program found here, both are from Women’s Running. They are definitely worth checking out for some inspiration and education.

I love to paddle board and will be doing so in the ocean for the first time this weekend. I am so looking forward to it and will be sure to share some photos. Hoping for some calm weather and gentle waves, otherwise I’ll be getting beat up by the ocean.

I love going to the gym. I utilize the equipment there to complete workout routines I have posted on my Pinterest Boards. I also like to peak at the boards used for classes that I am unable to attend and follow some of those routines. My favorite equipment is the row machine.

I love the new and improved NTC App (Nike Training Club). Since I will not be able to visit the gym for the next few weeks, I will be completing a body weight training program through NTC. I love the updates to the app, it is more user friendly which I didn’t think was possible and more visually appealing. I love the plans and routines. I am always sweating and feeling good after a NTC workout. I will share my thoughts on the particular program once completed.

I love playing soccer with my husband. We run drills up and down the field. He works with me on dribbling and defense. He teaches me how to successfully kick a goal or confuse my opponent. I always get home with a tan and my clothes are dripping with sweat. We laugh and I hurt myself because I am definitely uncoordinated but it is so much fun to do together.

What are your favorite ways to get in some exercise throughout the week? I am a huge proponent of switching things up and keeping your body confused. It’s more fun that way anyway!