Success and Failure is at the current garden plots. We have sprawling healthy tomatoes of all types, huge okra, and pretty flowers along with sad dying cucumbers, a broken sunflower, and some transplanted okra that didn’t make it. This is the learning process. From what I have learned, gardening is nothing more than a continuous adventure that results in some tasty food. Gardens provide us with delicious and necessary nutrients but that only happens with the right growing conditions and care. I am looking forward to planting my new seedlings soon in our makeshift greenhouse (I’ll share that project soon). Garden plot planning is a huge part of garden success. I have spent plenty of time looking at shading, sun location, and looking into soil amendments.

Garden Plan Fall 2016

The seeds for the upcoming season will be started from late July-Early September and planted in the ground from September-October. Includes: Cucumbers, Squashes, Tomatoes, Peppers, Peas, Pole Beans, Lettuce, Carrots, and Herbs.