Life is so much more interesting when you work hard and get to see and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Watching these plants grow continues to amaze me. How plants live based on the ground in which they are placed and the amounts of sunlight and water they receive… it just is crazy to me how much my faith is like the life cycle of any produce. There are so many correlations. Being planted firmly in Christ, nourishing myself with His word, and branching out and being light to others, fruitful relationships. Amazing. Some of the plants have been suffering from aphids and some other leaf damage I cannot yet determine. Hoping they survive with some assistance. I now am better prepared on how to take preventative measure for the next growing season.


ONE3 has gotten a new addition. Welcome ONE3:Chickens! Well, we have had them for about 2 months now. They are so funny, a little dumb as chickens are, and very interesting. We will be selling their eggs soon. They are being raised organically and the whole process has been a learning curve. It has been so much fun to do this as a couple though. We picked the breeds, found organic food, researched best methods, bonded with the chickens (however you do that), dealt with a little bit of stink, and built the coop together. We will also be using our chickens for help with the compost, huge benefit for the gardens. This has been such a fun adventure so far and we are happy to be doing something new and sustainable.