Where have I been the last month? Good question. Sorry for slacking on the posts. Getting back to the weekly posting schedule I had started on. I just took a bit of a break because there were a few important events taking place.

In the month of April – I grew more plants, had family visit, ran a 10K, changed jobs, took steps toward founding our nonprofit, and then the regular everyday things of course.

I wasn’t feeling like myself that past couple months. I was feeling frustrated, upset, bummed out, helpless, and discouraged. My family and close friends noticed the difference as well. What it came down to is that I was unhappy and unfulfilled at my job. God gave me a feeling of being unsettled and I knew something had to change.  That lead me to look for a job that would leave me feeling inspired everyday, a job in which I could positively impact others and make a difference. God just brought the opportunity out to me and I am now working for a company whose sole purpose is to provide fundraising tools to organizations so that they can raise more money and change the world. My job is just to support various nonprofit organizations across the nation, which is so exciting to me.

ONE3 is coming into fruition slowly, which is just how we like it. Just continuing to work on our complete nonprofit plan and focusing on gardens for this year. Great steps forward have been completed, but I will wait to share on that.

The gardens have taken up some time, thankfully, as well as another new addition which I’ll share about in another post. I have planted some more at my home garden as well as gotten some peppers in the ground at the Celebrate Birth location for ONE3: Urban Gardens. Soon I should be harvesting, so awesome!

My grandmother and cousin came down for a week during my job transition and I showed them around the area. We went to the gardens, the beach, local restaurants, and just relaxed. It was so nice to just have a bit of a vacation with family.

While my cousin was here, we participated in a beach 10K together. Although my training was very lackluster, we ran (mostly walked) and completed it with mermaid medals to show for it. It was the most beautiful race I have ever done and I would love to do it again next week. Just gorgeous and an interesting change from running on the road.