The garden is getting off to a beautiful, healthy start. We built the beds last week, then my husband surprised me by building trellis ladders this week after my failed attempt of trellis arches with way too flimsy of fencing. I absolutely love surprises and this one really got me, I almost cried when I saw it and he wasn’t even with me. He is so good at surprises and showing that he cares. I was able to get the beans, cucumber, okra, and sunflowers in the ground. I also transferred some small tomato starters into larger containers to continue growing for another week or two before they are transplanted into the garden. I planted some more peppers and okra and also basil which will grow under the shade of the trellis ladders. There is more room in the garden than I realized there would be and I’d love to utilize for a bountiful summer harvest. We decided on planting flowers in the walking paths which is really exciting because it will allow me to sell cut flowers and they will be beautiful. I am hoping to get those in the ground next week so plenty of planting, just depends on the weather which is threatening to be pretty severe this weekend with loads of rain. I thought it was April showers bring May flowers, it’s just a little early.

The box of beans, sunflowers, cucumber, and okra to get in the ground. IMG_20160321_190705698_HDR

The awesome trellis ladders I saw when I arrived.IMG_20160321_195055403

Okra, small and happy. Sunflowers ready to grow tall.IMG_20160321_195120111

Cucumber plants ready to vine.IMG_20160321_195155795The garden with the supports and first plants.IMG_20160321_195318332

More seedlings at home, another week or two and they should be ready. IMG_20160322_190954583_HDR

The tomatoes I put into larger pots.IMG_20160322_191002483_HDR

Just another week and they should be ready for transplanting. Cherokee and Brandywine.IMG_20160322_191058595_HDR