Sometimes in life we go through difficult times. These times come in such a multitude of ways. They can range from breaking off a significant relationship to the death of a loved one, from not being able to provide for your children to not being able to produce children, from losing a job to struggling while staying with the one you have, from a friend becoming a memory to a memory that haunts you. We deal with plenty of things, some seem more trivial and some more tragic, but all in all, they hit us hard emotionally and sometimes physically as well. We get tired, stressed, sad, depressed, upset, guilty, frustrated, and hopeless. We feel useless, full of doubt, helpless, unworthy, confused, and exhausted.

One day we feel happy and full of life and then one moment changes our world and makes us feel lifeless and saddened. We try to find ways out of this and it is difficult. People say they understand when they really don’t. People pray and never follow up. People tell you to trust but offer no support. People tell you other people are dealing with worse. People tell you their story assuming you should handle it how they did as though you have the same emotions. The truth is most people have good intentions but often times, the result is not so good. Their words and actions can leave us feeling worse.

We can look to God’s word for encouragement, truth, and support. God loves us and wants us to live life abundantly, but He never said we would have trouble-free lives. It is important to stand strong in your faith and build a good support system. I have had many different friends through the years and the best ones are those who have continued to be by my side through thick and thin. Those who have helped me through tough times and believed in me and encouraged me. Thank you so much to those amazing friends who have truly left an imprint on my heart and who I will always cherish. Even those friends who I may not be in much contact with now but have been with me through times of trial, learning, and change… I will always remember them and treasure the time we did have.

My husband is wonderful at showing his care and understanding. Sometimes I just need to talk (and talk and talk) and he lets me do that and get everything off my chest. He carries my burdens like they are his own. He always reminds me to keep my head up and when things get more challenging than normal, he gives me the freedom to make decisions that benefit me and us emotionally. He encourages me to continue walking down a difficult path and not give up just because there are challenges AND he  understands the importance of letting go of things that are only hurting us and that is an important quality. I truly believe that one of the best things someone can do is just listen in an attentive and caring way. It makes a huge difference. Never forget to show appreciation for those in your life who care about you. The people who pray for you and support you. The people who only want the best for you and have made an imprint on your heart.

Thank you to my friends and family for having a listening ear and caring heart.