Do we want to be vulnerable? Is it always comfortable to be honest, with others and ourselves? Absolutely not! That’s what I am choosing to do in this post though. No sugar coating, just truth.

This process allows me to truly evaluate where I am and create goals which I find helpful and motivating. I try to keep a neutral position when doing this to get the most honest reflection, free from criticism or justifications.

I disagree with the overwhelming positive message of “love yourself just as you are” and “eat a cookie when you feel like it, you deserve it”. I agree that we should all love ourselves, honor our bodies, be thankful for our strength, and see beauty in who we are. I think society is missing a huge piece of the body positive message. I would like to encourage every individual to, “Love yourself enough to take care of yourself and be the best version of yourself possible!” If I tell others to do that, I must do so myself.

That starts with an honest, raw look at where I’m at, and accepting that as just what it is: a reflection of this point in time. It does not devalue my yesterday or define my tomorrow.

The above pictures are from August 2013 and January 2014. I currently look more like the before picture than the after. It has been two years and I now am further from my goal.

This makes me look at the reasons.

  1. Schedule changes.
  2. Time apart from my spouse while moving.
  3. Less control over my food choices.
  4. Cold weather.
  5. Making the move from Indiana to Florida.

It really comes down to lack of commitment. If I were more diligent, I could have overcome any of those issues and continued my path to health but I let them interrupt my life. We often say, “Life gets in the way” but it doesn’t have to be that way! I chose to learn from my mistakes and move forward.

Don’t forget to look at the positives you have accomplished as well!

  1. I was able to secure a permanent job that I enjoy.
  2. I started ONE3 Urban Gardens.
  3. I completed 7 5Ks in one year.
  4. I complete a half marathon with my husband.
  5. I now put my happiness and enjoying life as a priority.

My goals for the next three months (Feb 16 – May 16) are:

  1. Eat clean. Use MyFitnessPal app to track this.
  2. Use produce from my gardens to cook new meals.
  3. Visit the gym  2-4 times a week.
  4. Train for two 10Ks (1 in February and 1 in May). Do this by utilizing NTC (Nike Training Club) app.
  5. De-stress every night by watching a favorite tv show, chatting with my husband, reading, or taking a bath.

Take an honest look at yourself. This isn’t limited to weight loss. You can use this self reflection tool for any situation: career, relationship, school, dreams. What are your dreams and aspirations? Where are you at in your path to reaching those? What goals can you set to help you get there?

Goals should be SMART. For those of you who haven’t heard the acronym before, (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound). For me, goals aren’t deadlines but rather points of reflection and redirection. Keep that in mind and be kind to yourself when reflecting.

Go out and reach your goals!