Vacation is a time for relaxation, fun, and making memories. Vacation is also a time where most of us throw all inhibitions, good habits, healthy ideals, and anything that seems like work aside. These quick and easy tips can help you stay fit while having fun on your wonderful cruise vacation, no matter the length or location of the cruise.


  1. When booking your cruise, check out the gym facilities available on your ship. If it’s there, you might as well take an hour to utilize it.IMG_20160201_063041896
  2. Another thing to look into is the fitness schedule. Many cruise lines offer group fitness classes either free or for a small fee, as well as health seminars and more.IMG_20160201_071101071
  3. Instead of traveling by taxis or buses, walk! It is a great way to immerse yourself in the culture and have a different viewpoint while still burning off those breakfast calories. Of course, use caution and stay safe.NOVATEK CAMERA
  4. Use the stairs as often as possible. Avoid the elevator that seems to be calling your name and make your trek up or down the stairs. That little effort can help you burn off more of those calories you’re taking in from the endless buffets and dinners.IMG_20160201_061218685
  5. If you are a runner, search trails near your ports. We found a trail to run on and it was nice to have a beautiful view to check out while running on vacation.NOVATEK CAMERA
  6. If you enjoy another fitness activity such as cycling, hiking, or yoga, complete an online search with the activity and the port of call. There are often message boards with great ideas. 14100061.JPG
  7. Dance the night away, or the entire day. There seemed to always be some type of dancing going on during our cruise. It’s a good way to get in a quick sweat session while having fun.IMG_20160201_200812847_TOP
  8. Enjoy an active excursion such as a bike tour, kayaking, paddle boarding, or even an active snorkel.11231854_10204682696659747_5477830026030283369_n
  9. Utilize your ships upper deck fun. All ships are different but many include water slides, ropes courses, and basketball courts.IMG_20160202_070544564
  10. Pamper yourself and enjoy some relaxation. Your body deserves that also.NOVATEK CAMERA