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A Reflection on 2015

I enjoy looking back on my year and thinking about all that has happened, both good and bad. Making peace with the bad, taking in lessons learned, relishing in the most positive of memories, and imagining what is to come in the following year. I then can move forward with positive energy. This year was just a year of many changes. Settling into a new home, starting to run, clean eating, college graduation, new jobs, passions being worked on, etc. It seemed to ring true that the only thing constant is change, and I just learned to go with the changes as the year went along. I have learned plenty through all these changes and am thankful that I can move forward into 2016 with this knowledge and these experiences.

10 things 2015 has taught me:
  1. Embracing change makes life much easier and more enjoyable.
  2. Some friends are not true friends and some friends are family.
  3. Dreams can be accomplished through hard work and determination.
  4. New fitness trends and ideas do not always stick.
  5. Eating clean is life changing.
  6. Being present in each moment can be challenging but is always rewarding.
  7. Being married is still awesome.
  8. Traveling is an educational, cultural, enjoyable experience only allotted to some and I am thankful.
  9. Taking care of oneself is of utmost importance.
  10. God is the writer of my story and though it may be challenging at times, I have faith that His plans are better than my own.
The Year in Calendar Form

Final Semester of School
New Job as Foundation Intern
Settling into New Home

Best Damn Race 5K
Worship Team at DFC
Game Night Group at Our House

Bought a Paddleboard
Sanibel Island Vacation

Brushed up on my Cooking Skills

Graduated from IUPUI
Hosted a Ladies’ Tea Party
Started my First Florida Garden Seedlings

1st Two Watermelon 5Ks
Explored More of Florida
Started my Current Position

3rd Watermelon 5K
Met my Dog Nephew, Jack
Visited my Sister and Brother-in-Law in Texas
Housed Two Chinese Exchange Students

Last Watermelon 5K
More Florida Experiences

Flavor Run 5K Tampa
First Cruise

Camping Trip
Date Nights with Friends
Halloween Costume Fun
The Start of Half Marathon Training

House Decorating
Interior Design
Florida Thanksgiving with Friends

Holiday Parties Galore
More Home Decor
Lots of Cooking and Baking
Florida Friends Christmas
Landscaping Project

The Year in Pictures: