71874_10205063710304850_8183230134282148689_nChristmas is an amazing day on which our Lord and Savior was born in the flesh to become the Savior of us all. I am filled with awe when thinking about such an important moment in history. How must it have been to see a crying baby and not even comprehend what a man He would become and how life-changing his life and death would be for all mankind. Praise God!

We celebrate Christmas by being with the ones we love and12368978_10205047402897175_7068184385291110020_n cherish. Traditionally, my family went to my mother’s side of the family for Christmas Eve and my father’s side for Christmas Day. I wanted to carry on the traditional Christmas Eve celebration so we invited some close friends over to feast with us. I over-estimated our eating capacity and now have plenty of left-overs BUT regardless, I so enjoyed cooking and baking for everyone. I find that whole process therapeutic, joyful, fun, challenging, and then having others enjoy the meal is just another fun part of it all. I am thankful for that opportunity this holiday.

My family is in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana. My Mom, Pops, and Josh (from my husband’s side of the family) are all in Indianapolis and able to celebrate together where they will probably have pink salad, macaroni and cheese, ham, and some other items. My Ma, Papi, and Mandie are in Wisconsin. My sister Lyss and brother-in-law Ryan are in Texas. My grandparents and cousins are all in Illinois. My mom’s side of the family (including my Texas family) got together yesterday and celebrated by playing white-elephant, eating delicious Puerto Rican food, sides, and delicious looking desserts, and probably singing and dancing. That side of the family is loud and fun. My family will be going to my father’s side today and eating more traditional Christmas food with the ever-popular veggie tray and there are sure to be peanut butter balls. My husband and I were not able to be at any of the family celebrations this year and missed being with everyone. We are extremely grateful for the friends that feel like family here in Lakeland.

We had Brian, Krysta, Logan, Jackson, James, Melissa, Dani, and Kari over yesterday and my home felt full of love and joy. It was so nice chatting with everyone and enjoying their presence. The kids fill the house with laughter by their goofy antics and I just felt at peace. These people have been the most welcoming, thoughtful, and caring friends we could ask for and they truly deserve the world. They are amazing people. Today, we have our traditional Christmas Morning cinnamon rolls, last night we were too stuffed to have our traditional Christmas Eve chocolate chip cookies and milk 😦 but it’s okay. Better to not overeat and fill with more sweets in the morning instead. We will be opening presents while watching Elf, once my love wakes up. Merry Christmas Everyone! Cherish those who surround you and spread love this holiday season. Wishing you a very Happy New Year as well.