2015 was the Year of 5Ks. I ran The Best Damn Race, American Mud Run, The Watermelon Series (4 summer runs), and finished it off with The Flavor Run. That makes for seven 5Ks. I ran the first one with my husband, the second with my husband and two good friends, the 3-6 by myself, with a friend, and with a Chinese exchange student, and ran the last with a group of girls from church and the local YMCA.

I planned on making 2016, the Year of 10Ks. I registered my husband and I for the first one taking place on February 6. Then I saw the awesome medal (which is a paddle board) for the half marathon, showed it to my husband and we both decided to take the leap and upgrade to run the half marathon together. Just for a little backstory, we got a paddle board for me earlier this year. I have not been able to use it as much as I would like to yet but the rainy season did just end so that should change soon. I can use it for cross training while preparing for the run!

So now I will be spending my time training for this race which will include some highs and lows that I am sure I will be sharing with you all. I can picture myself at the finish line… sweaty, red face, weak in my walk off, and ready for some food. Better then that though, I can picture my husband running next to me and in my moments of weakness I know that he will tell me, “You got this! You’re a beast. Come on, lets go!” He will not let me give up or talk negatively about myself. He will push me to complete the race so that although I may have a weak walk off after 13.1 miles, I will cross that finish line as strong as possible. I will be using this training calendar from Women’s Running for this race. I will let you know how I like it and any changes that I made to the plan to make it work best for me.
I also have been posting some great running tips and motivation from different sources on my Pinterest Run Run Run board so be sure to check that out as well. Four months to train and I will definitely let you all know how this goes!
Here’s to successful training and an awesome first half marathon.