“I am going to eat healthy.” “I will workout every day.” “I am going to lose 50 pounds.” “I will fit back into my old jeans.” “I am going to be stronger than ever before.” What do each of those statements have in common? Well, many things.

  1. They are most often said as New Years resolutions.
  2. They are all great goals.
  3. They are all focused on health and weight loss.
  4. People tend to give up on these goals.
  5. These goals are a lot more complicated than one statement.

With all that said, they are not impossible. They are all very possible. We tend to prioritize work, family, hobbies, and relaxation over taking care of our own health. Why? Because sometimes that is just a little more fun, feels necessary, or is just easier. Why not combine the different facets of our lives instead of keeping everything in separate compartments? If you want to be healthy and live a more vibrant life, then act on it. Here are some ideas to get you started:

You would rather spend time with family? Family time and exercise all in one. If you have small children or even a small dog, chase them around in the yard. Use them as weights during squats and sit ups. Go for a run with your mate. Go dancing with your sister. Make it fun!

You love art? Find a local museum that hosts yoga on the lawn. Find a spot with beautiful architecture or natural scenery and go for a walk. You can draw or paint afterwards with a clear head.

You love baking sweets for friends? Test out new alternative recipes. You may find that some are even better than the originals. Plenty of alternative recipes are available through a Google or Pinterest search.

Work is overwhelming? You need to rest in order to best perform at work anyway. Take the stairs when you can. Walk away from your desk for lunch. Bring your own lunch to work. Walk or ride your bike to work if possible. Take a 5 minute yoga/stretch break during the day.

Time to catch up on your favorite tv show? Make it a game! You know your show by now. Plan to do 15 squats every time Elena cries, 25 sit ups when Jack and Megan kiss, 10 tricep dips when two people kiss, and 25 jumping jacks when someone lies. That is an easy way to get your workout in while still enjoying your show.

Still feeling short on time? On your least busy day, meal prep! Think about easy and versatile items like chicken tenderloins, salad components, a couple dips/salsas, hard boiled eggs, fresh cut vegetables, and cut fruit. Prepare these items and use them throughout the week to make different meals. I find it easiest to make a light menu as well. We don’t always stick to it, but it gives me some ideas for the week and assures that we have adequate groceries as well. Ex. Monday- Chicken with salsa and side salad, Tuesday- Chicken and veggies, Wednesday- Large salad with eggs, Thursday- Chicken and veggie stir fry, Friday- Veggies with hummus, 2 eggs, strawberries

You can only make a change when you commit to taking action. Make it easier on yourself by trying out some these tips.