sugar free

Starting today, my husband is joining me in changing our lifestyle even more and pressing forward to better health. We are jump-starting this by eliminating added sugars from our diet. This means we are eating natural sugars which are naturally occurring in many unprocessed whole foods including fruit, vegetables, grains, and milk. We are also using honey to sweeten some things like tea, stir fry, smoothies and cereal. Sugar has no benefits for one’s health. I found this article on the topic very insightful: 10 Disturbing Reasons Why Sugar is Bad for You On top of eliminating added sugars, we also are limiting carbohydrates found in breads, rices, and noodles. Most of those carbs turn into sugar anyway! Complex carbs are the way to go, do not fill yourself on empty calories and carbs, it is not worth it. You can check out some low carb, no sugar recipes here: Sugar Free and Nothing White This is just the beginning of our team effort to be fit. I will be sharing more.