clean eating

You may have heard of clean eating before but what does it really mean?
A web search can bring up many articles, infographics, and eating plans, but that can become overwhelming.
So how do you make the lifestyle change and what are the benefits of clean eating?

Clean eating: Eating whole foods that are unprocessed or minimally processed, making them as close to their natural form as possible.

General rules:
1. Eat fresh fruits and veggies
2. Eat whole grains
3. Eat lean protein
4. Eat healthy fats
5. Follow the 90-10 rule, it is okay to indulge
6. Drink water
7. Reduce or eliminate processed and refined products
8. Reduce or eliminate alcohol, preservatives, fast food
9. Reduce or eliminate white flour, sugar, and rice
10.Read the ingredients

Possible benefits:
1. Better sleep
2. Better mood
3. More energy
4. Clearer skin
5. Weight loss

How do I start?
You may need to take a hard look at your fridge, freezer, and pantry.
Here is a handy list along with recipes for beginning this lifestyle change. Here is a good shopping list as well. Sources: and Mind Body Green

Remember that your body is important. You are strong and able and you can make a difference in your health. Treat your body with love and see your health flourish.