There is a time for everything. At times we come upon a great shift in the wind. This is what I am approaching. The end of summer is bittersweet. My time with Growing Places ended a month ago. My garden is dying off, besides my cantaloupe which I am hoping can make it. I have many great memories of this summer for which I am very thankful. Our house is sold. My husband is preparing to move in the next few weeks, and I am into the fall semester of school. I have been able to cook much more than I was able to previously. I am greatly enjoying trying new recipes out from friends, family, and of course Pinterest. I have been able to enjoy this time by visiting the Apple Orchard, trying new restaurants, and being outside often. My husband and I have been playing soccer outside and we go running at a park and in our neighborhood. Soon, we will need to bundle up to go outside. I am not a fan of the cold but I do welcome change. The presence of fall has reminded me that this year, I will be experiencing my first winter in the south with my husband. We are about to leap forward, just waiting on God’s timing. God has shown us in the past few months just how much he cares for us. He has given us confirmation, guidance, provision, and encouragement through this journey to the next chapter in our lives together. We are moving on to a fresh start, going to a new place, and fully devoting ourselves to our calling. So as I said, there is a time for everything. There was a time for me to move to Indiana, attend school, get married, get our first home, get a dog, and now… it is time for us to move to the south.