As I stated in a previous post, sometimes we need to re-frame our goals in order to keep them achievable. I was able to lose weight very quickly at first and was thrilled with the results. Then I hit a wall. I wasn’t seeing any changes. So I first started to be way more strict, it became unhealthy. Then I felt terrible for doing that so I was less hard on myself, then I got lazy. The never-ending cycle, am I right? BUT I am back on my path to health. I have been playing soccer with my husband. If you haven’t thought of that as an exercise option, try it! It is great cardio and super fun. I am back to running. Went for a mile and a half today with my dog. It was a little tough to breathe with my allergies, if anyone has suggestions to aid that issue, please share. It felt great though. We are getting ready to run a 5K on February 7th.
Current Goals:
Be able to run at a pace of 10 min/mile no matter the weather conditions.
1 inch smaller in all areas from last check on 11/1.
Daily exercise.

Create your goals. Change them how you see fit. Keep challenging yourself. Be good to yourself. AND reward yourself!