As you know, I was aiming to be at my goal weight by July 4th. Sadly, I had to reframe my goals. I lost the first 20 pounds extremely quickly and thought that I would continue at that rate. Truth is… the first amount was water weight, then a little more was my cleansing and initial diet change. I had to realize that and be okay with it. At this point my weight is coming off more slowly and that is okay. I changed my goal to 145 on July 4th. My sisters, mom, husband, and I have been doing the squat challenge. My husband and I have been running, walking, or bike riding as well. I am enjoying the continuing of my weightloss journey. As I knew starting out, there are always going to be highs and lows. I have experienced both and I am also continuing to learn about health and wellness as much as possible. Never give up!