I have 7 weeks to be to my goal of 130 lbs. Today I started my cleanse again to jump-start the next couple months. My husband and I have been eating carb free except for one meal a week. That has been going well. I am feeling great and seeing progress. The most exciting thing is that I have been able to run longer and faster, the more I work at it. By the beginning of June, I should be able to run 2 miles straight. Just for reference, the cleanse is as follows:

My Summer Cleanse:  10 Days of Delicious Fruits and Veggies
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Day One
For my Summer Cleanse, the first day is a mono diet in which I eat the same fruit at each meal for the entire day, marked by five fruit servings (one or two cups of fruit for each serving). The best fruits for cleansing have a lot of water: watermelon, grapes, apples, and oranges. (Note:  bananas don’t have nearly as much water.)

Days Two through Four
On Days 2-4, I eat four servings of fruit during the day, separated by two to three hours, followed by a healthy salad for dinner containing all the vegetables I can think of. Greens and sprouts are wonderful high-fiber foods, but I also add slices of cucumbers, carrots, red onion, cabbage, tomatoes, and celery. I then garnish my salad with half an avocado and add two tablespoons of a healthy raw salad dressing (or I make my own).

Days Five through Seven
On Days 5-7, I follow a similar pattern as days 2-4—except that I add raw nuts and seeds to my salad.

Days Eight through Ten
On Days 8-10, One serving of fruit during the first two meals of the day. For my third and fourth meals, I eat one type of fruit and four ounces of whole milk plain yogurt or kefir and one tablespoon of honey.

Add raw cheese and fatty fish (like wild-caught salmon) to the salad meal. This makes a great transition back to an established healthy eating plan once the summer cleanse is over.