Goals can be formed by many different things.

Wanting to prove someone wrong, wanting to challenge yourself, wanting to move toward greater goals  by using benchmarks, self improvement, health, happiness, pressures from society, etc.

Every individual has different motivations pushing them toward their goals. It is important to reflect on what those motivations are and check that all motivations are positive for you.

I have made many goals, succeeded and many and failed at others, but I do not give up. I re-frame my goal and continue to press forward. My current goals are to lose 20 lbs by July 4th, be able to bike 15 miles and to run a 5K by August 1st. My husband and I are cutting out bread, pasta, rice, and chips for the month of May. We are working toward our goals together.

Today I made progress toward my 5k goal. I jogged 1 mile straight today and I felt empowered.

Please do not give up on yourself! You are the only one who can make true changes to your health and fitness.