I am taking part in a challenge through my Beach Body coach. It is 30 days of a group of like-minded people encouraging each other and working diligently toward their goals. I will be replacing 1 meal a day with a protein shake, 1 with fruit, and then having 2 snacks and 1 healthy balanced meal (usually dinner since my husband and I are together for dinner time).

This past week, I did a cleanse and lost 5 lbs through the week so I am down to 150 lbs now for start of this 30 day challenge. I would love to be at 130 by March 12 but I do not think that is very realistic. I would be happy with 140. I do think I will be looking and feeling wonderful though by the end of this challenge.

Share your own story to relate to and encourage others on the journey to great health and wellness. Anyone having troubles loosing weight? I’ve been there. Totally understand the frustration! I had to stay committed and change things up a bit. Then I saw slow results. My friend has been at the same weight for years and not seen much change, I am working to help him change eating habits and start a new exercise routine to get over that plateau.

It is OKAY to feel defeated at times, but do not let yourself become defeated.
KEEP GOING! Change things up. Trust your body and treat it well. You will be rewarded.
Results are beautiful.