Matthew 6:27 NLT
“Can all your worries add a single moment to your life?”

Lately I have battled some negativity in my life. I have learned that looking at life in a positive way is uplifting and diminishes worries. My husband taught me that, thankfully. Negativity when aimed at oneself, leads to self reflection or automatic denial. I believe self reflection is the healthy way to deal with negativity in life. Believe in who you are, what your stand for, and the purpose you have in life. God has placed us all here for different reasons and had gifted us in special ways. Trust in Him. If one comes against you, reflect on yourself and what the Lord has spoken to you before any response to the attack. It is possible the Lord is seeking some change in your life and is providing good counsel through another person. It is also possible He wants you to stand firm in your beliefs. Only God can give you the right words and answers in life. Do not worry! God already knows the course of your life and He is your protector, provider, guide, and greatest supporter.