In the summer of 2011 I was diagnosed with PCOS. Ladies, this is SO common and it really is not fun to deal with but please educate yourself and ask your doctor if you have any thought that you may have PCOS as well.

View this link for a list of symptoms

PCOS treats your body in a way that is similar to diabetes. It is actually a pre-diabetic condition. The lifestyle of someone with PCOS should include regular physical activity, low sugar, and low carbs, sound familiar? Since being diagnosed, I had not changed anything about how I ate or exercised  bad choice. Symptoms are getting worse and I am so sick of this. I decided to value myself and I am beating this. I will not end up with diabetes.

I am changing my lifestyle. 

To start this, I am doing a few things initially. Any tips are completely welcomed, so comment and let me know.

1) cutting sugar

2) only eating whole grains

3) drinking tea, milk, and water

4) going on a daily morning walk/run/bikeride

What are you doing for yourself?

Change your lifestyle. Live your life.